Ceres Consulting


Phone: 023 8849000
Mobile: 087 2804202


Have you got a site you think suitable for a wind-farm or other alternative energy? If so then please contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are fully independent, act solely on your behalf and our service includes:

  • Explanation of the procedures and timeframe involved in the entire process.
  • Different options available to you depending on the level of investment you wish to contribute and amount of risk you wish to take.
  • Where to go to assess your sites' potential.
  • Estimate of funding required and likely sources of capital.
  • Assistance with the numerous procedures and applications required throughout the establishment process.
  • Assistance with your contract negotiations

We have drawn up numerous agreements for various sizes of dairy business that are designed to suit both parties and will explain the procedure from start to finish and what to expect from a potential partner.