Ceres Consulting


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Ceres Consulting will assess your farmyard and provide different options to meet both your storage and housing requirements. We will also advise you how you meet the necessary requirements while minimising your capital expenditure. As part of this service we can also draw up Effluent Control Plans with appropriate timeframes for DAFF and local authorities.

Combined with this we undertake a full agricultural design & planning service (including applications for planning exemptions), for anyone wishing to develop their facilities and also to incorporate future planned expansion.

As farm businesses expand and hire increasing amounts of labour, carrying out a detailed but PRACTICAL farm safety assessment is a must, not just for the business and its employees but for insurance and health & safety purposes. Safety assessments include a farmyard layout plan highlighting areas of potential danger.

Where possible any assessments and applications can be incorporated with applications for any grant funding from DAFF or any other source to reduce your capital requirement.