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IPPC stands for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. The main aim of the IPPC process is to minimise pollution from various point sources. In fact, all installations falling under the IPPC Regulations are required to obtain a permit from the EPA to be allowed to operate and must use the Best Available Technique in their operations. These include selected sites in the waste management sector, power generation, certain chemical plants and farms.

The IPPC legislation contains basic rules for integrated permits. "Integrated" means that the permits must take into account the whole environmental performance of the plant, i.e. emissions to air, water and land, generation of waste, use of raw materials, energy efficiency, noise, prevention of accidents, risk management, etc. This helps industrial installations identify ways by which they can minimise their contribution to pollution.

IPPC requirements vary dramatically according to the sector you operate in and the scale of your business. Please contact us to discuss the requirements as they relate to your business.