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With the introduction of IPC (Integrated Pollution Control) licensing in Ireland there has been a significant increase in the level of reporting by industry on their environmental performance. This reporting includes a variety of reports covering such topics as discharge monitoring, waste management, environmental surveys and environmental management programmes. In certain cases, reports are required to be submitted frequently during the year but where appropriate these reports are combined for submission as part of an Annual Environmental Report (AER).

The AER comprises summary reports on all aspects of the environmental performance of the facility, with chapters on waste management, resource consumption (energy and water) and emissions to air and waters. The AER often brings together a number of individual reports required as part of the IPFC licence under one cover, and allows for effective evaluation of the environmental issues on the site.

The IPC approach is a participative one, allowing each company to set out programmes for continuing environmental improvements through the promotion of the use of cleaner technologies, rather than end-of-pipe treatment. These programmes are outlined by each licensee as part of their AER.

We at Ceres Consulting can advise on drawing up your AER to be logical and concise, thereby making maximum use of the information recorded to all concerned. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.