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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process for anticipating the effects on the environment caused by a development. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is the document produced as a result of that process.

Where effects are identified that are unacceptable, these can then be avoided or reduced during the design process. The Environmental Impact Assessment procedure commences at the project design stage where it is decided whether an Environmental Impact Statement is required. If it is required, then the scope of the study is determined, after which the EIS is prepared as part of the application for development consent.

It consists of a systematic analysis of the proposed development in relation to the existing environment. This is carried out at a stage in the design process where changes can still be made to avoid adverse impacts.

The basic tenets of Environmental Impact Assessment are:

  • Pursuing Preventative Action

  • Informing the Decision

  • Maintaining Environmental Focus and Scope

  • Public Participation

Environmental Impact Statements are systematically organised and provide sections describing:

  • the Proposed Development;

  • the Existing Environment;

  • the Impacts of the Proposed Development;

  • the Measures to Mitigate Adverse Impacts;

  • a Non-Technical Summary.

Ceres Consulting can advise on the nature and depth of assessment and subsequent statement required for your proposed development. We can also advise on, and source, relevant technical expertise on specific areas if required.