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The Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations, 2001 provide for a system of permitting by local authorities of commercial waste collection activities. Ceres Consulting will outline the procedures for making permit applications including the criteria used by local authorities in relation to permit applications and the subsequent grant, refusal and review of permits by authorities.

The primary purpose of the permitting system is to facilitate appropriate controls on commercial collection activities so as to ensure good and consistent waste management practice and the implementation of high standards of environmental protection. The system is also designed to facilitate the implementation of relevant overall objectives in waste management plans.

A small number of waste collection activities are exempt from the permitting requirement, mainly because they are already subject to regulatory control and approval under other legislation. However, in general, almost all commercial waste collection activities are subject to the provisions of the Regulations.

Please contact us to discuss if your activity is liable to permit control and to outline the procedures and timeframe involved in submitting your application to the local authorities approval.